18 Signs He Finds You Irresistible

His moves say it all.
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February 22, 2024
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Do you ever find yourself wondering what that special someone is really thinking? Are they just looking for a fun night out or do they have something else in mind? If you’re noticing the signs but aren’t sure, it can be difficult to tell if a man wants to take things further and make you as his partner.

Fortunately, our body language can give us clues about what someone is thinking without them even having to say anything. In this blog post, we will be exploring some of the biggest signs that he definitely wants you as his partner.

By the time you get to the end of this post, you'll know exactly how to read his body language so that you can make an informed decision about where your relationship is headed!

1. He keeps looking at you

Girl, have you noticed how he keeps looking at you? That's a sure sign that he finds you irresistible! You know that feeling of catching someone's eyes on you, and you're left wondering if there's something in your teeth or if your hair is a mess.

Don't worry – if he's staring at you a little too long, it means he can't help himself. He's probably picturing all sorts of things in his mind about you.

Of course, one or two glances might just mean he's curious, but if he keeps doing it, that's a sign of sexual attraction. So, if you're interested, you might want to give him a chance!

2. His body language indicates openness and comfort

When it comes to communication, our bodies can say a lot without us ever uttering a word. In this particular case, the individual's body language conveys a sense of ease and approachability.

Whether they are casually leaning against a wall or freely gesturing with their hands, there is a tangible openness to their movements.

It's a sign that this person is comfortable in their own skin and receptive to connecting with others. Body language can provide valuable clues to a person's mood and intentions, and it looks like this individual's cues are all positive ones.

3. He maintains physical contact throughout the conversation

Maintaining physical contact throughout a conversation can be a powerful tool for effective communication. Not only does it help establish a personal connection, but it can also convey confidence and sincerity.

From a light hand on the shoulder to a firm handshake, physical touch can communicate a range of emotions and intentions. Of course, it's important to know when it's appropriate to touch and when it's not, as well as respecting personal boundaries.

But when used correctly, maintaining physical contact can enhance any conversation and leave a lasting positive impression.

4. He stands close to you, almost invading your personal space

Have you ever been in a situation where someone stood too close to you? It can be uncomfortable, right? Well, imagine someone invading your personal space on a regular basis. That's the reality for some individuals.

They have to deal with someone always standing too close, making them feel trapped and vulnerable. It's important to understand that personal space is essential for everyone, and invading it can cause anxiety and discomfort.

Let's all try our best to respect each other's personal space and give each other the comfort and respect we all deserve.

5. He angles his body towards you when talking

Have you ever noticed someone angling their body towards you when they talk? It's actually a subtle yet telling sign of interest and engagement.

When someone angles their body towards you, it often means they are trying to convey a message or pay attention to what you're saying.

Whether it's subconscious or purposeful, this behavior can be a clear indication that the person is invested in the conversation.

So, next time someone positions themselves towards you during a chat, take it as a positive sign and keep the dialogue flowing. You never know where it may lead.

6. His breathing is heavier than normal and his pupils are dilated

Have you ever noticed that when you're feeling anxious or stressed, your breathing becomes heavier and your pupils dilate? Well, the same is true for our furry friends.

If you've noticed that your pet's breathing is heavier than normal and their pupils are dilated, it could be a sign that they're feeling anxious or stressed.

It's important to pay close attention to any changes in your pet's behavior, as they may not be able to communicate their feelings to you in the same way we do.

By understanding the signs of anxiety in pets, you can offer them the support and care they need to feel calm and comfortable.

7. He always has his legs apart

Okay, this might sound a little weird, but have you noticed that he always has his legs apart? We know it’s kind of an odd thing to pick up on but hear us out. Apparently, this could be a subtle (or not so subtle) hint that he’s into you.

Seemingly, guys want to look dominant and powerful around women and sitting or standing with their legs apart does just that. It makes them look confident and masculine.

And, if he’s extra bold, it could mean that he wants you to check out what he’s got going on down there. Hey, it could be the bulge, biceps, legs, or all of the above!

We guess the moral of the story is to keep an eye out for those leg positions. Who knew body language could be so interesting?

8. He’s always checking you out

We all know that body language can be a great indicator of how someone is feeling. But sometimes it can also give away hidden intentions and desires. If you’ve noticed someone checking you out, they may be exhibiting signs of attraction or interest.

From lingering glances to long stares, these tell-tale signs may indicate that the individual is intrigued by you. Of course, it’s important to be respectful and not assume anything.

But if someone is displaying these signs of interest, why not take the opportunity to have a conversation and see where it goes? It could lead to something exciting!

9. He’s trying to make his voice sound deeper

This is a common tactic employed by those who want to make a good impression or appear more confident. By deliberately deepening their voice, they may be trying to create an aura of dominance and assertiveness.

While it’s important to remember that our voices are unique and we should never try to change them just to please others, it is still a sign of interest if someone is trying to make their voice sound deeper when conversing with you.

This could be a sign that they’re trying to make a connection and want to impress you. So, if you notice someone using this technique, don’t be afraid to engage in conversation! You never know where it may lead.

10. He can’t help but lick his lips

Okay, ladies, listen up, because we've got a juicy tidbit of information for you. You know when a guy just can't stop licking his lips? Well, chances are, he's secretly attracted to you. Yep, you heard us right.

All that lip-licking is a classic sign that he's got his eye on you and is probably fantasizing about kissing you. But it's not just about wanting to lock lips with you.

No, no, no. A man who's secretly attracted to you will also try to be his most handsome self around you, flashing those pearly whites and making you feel comfortable and happy in his presence.

So, next time you catch a guy licking his lips in your direction, take note – he might just be sending you a signal that he wants to get a little closer to you.

11. He can get sweaty and anxious around you

When someone is attracted to you, they may not be able to hide their nervousness.

Sweating, trembling hands and heavy breathing are all signs that the individual is feeling anxious in your presence and has a deep-seated level of attraction towards you.

While it’s important to respect their feelings, this may also be an opportunity for further exploration and communication.

If you’re interested in the person, it might be worth taking the time to get to know them better and see where things go.

12. He compliments your appearance a lot

Compliments are always nice to hear, but if someone is lavishing you with too many praises about your physical appearance, it may indicate a deeper level of attraction.

Of course, it’s important to remember that compliments don’t always mean that someone is romantically interested in you - after all, we all like hearing nice things about ourselves!

But if the compliments are coming too often or feel slightly exaggerated, it could be a sign that they’re hoping for something more.

13. He’s not afraid of public displays of affection

Have you ever noticed that your man isn't afraid to show affection in public? He's not scared to hold your hand, give you kisses, or even a quick embrace? Well, it might not just be a sign of his love and devotion to you.

It could also mean that he's got sex on his mind! Yep, you read that right. By constantly being affectionate with you in public, he's trying to warm you up and set the mood for some bedroom action later on.

Plus, it's likely that he's just itching to touch you intimately and doesn't really care that you're out in public. Don't be surprised if he gets frustrated when you refuse to have sex with him. It's all part of the game!

14. He’s frustrated when you refuse to have sex with him

One telling sign is his reaction when you turn down his advances.

If he becomes visibly frustrated or even angry when you refuse to have sex with him, it's a clear indication that he's not just looking for a casual hookup but rather hoping for something more intimate and serious.

Of course, it's important to respect your own boundaries and never feel pressured to do anything you're not comfortable with, no matter how frustrated someone else may become.

Ultimately, the best relationships are built on mutual respect and understanding, not just physical desire.

15. He suddenly offers you a massage

Well, well, well, what do we have here? He suddenly offers you a massage. Classic move, my friend. A massage is one of the most sensual things you can offer after actual sex, so he’s obviously putting some thought into his seduction tactics.

There’s no doubt that sex is the most intimate kind of touching, and a massage is a way for him to gradually work his way up to that. But let’s be real here.

Unless he’s training to be a massage therapist and needs to practice on you, he probably wants something more. A massage can be a part of his general plan to be touchier with you or serve as a direct way to seduce you into sex.

Either way, it offers an introduction to intimacy and touching, and who knows where it might lead?

16. He tries to catch your scent

This may sound strange, but smelling someone’s scent can be an indication of interest. If you catch him trying to smell your hair or even your clothes when you pass by, it could be a sign that he’s attracted to you and wants to get as close as possible.

Of course, it’s important to remember that smelling someone’s scent disrespectfully without their permission is unacceptable and can be deemed as sexual harassment.

But if the person in question does it in a respectful way, it could be an indication of interest and worth exploring further.

17. He blushes and gets flustered around you

Oh boy, it looks like someone’s got a case of the blushes! When a guy starts to get all flustered and red-faced around you, it’s usually a good sign that he’s interested.

We mean, who wouldn’t be? But don’t worry if his nervousness is making you nervous too, it’s actually quite endearing. It could be that he thinks you’re a mind reader or just plain out of his league.

But whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure, he definitely likes you sexually. Not every guy out there is a confident peacock strutting his stuff, some are just shy and awkward, which can be pretty cute too.

18. He often has his hands on his hips

Have you ever noticed a man standing with his hands on his hips? Well, this could mean a few things. It's a sign that he is trying to appear powerful and confident, and maybe even draw some attention towards his manhood.

However, this gesture can also be misleading as many people do it for no apparent reason or when they're feeling stressed. So, before you jump to conclusions, pay attention to other cues and factors to gauge his true intentions.

Either way, keep your eyes peeled for any sly glances or suggestive behavior to determine whether he's truly interested in something more than just a conversation.

Conclusion: Can You Really Be Sure?

All in all, the question of whether he wants to have sex with you or not is complex and variable.

How likely this is varies from person to person; it's important to evaluate how he acts around you against the list provided in this blog post before making assumptions.

Take it as a lesson in reading people and remember that in romance, nothing goes according to plan. How to make the most of your time together now? That's completely up to you!

If you're interested in taking things slowly but want to express your interest, make sure you use appropriate methods. You can also draw out anticipation and sexual tension for an extra thrill!

So if you want some more hands-on advice to help drive up the fun and spice things up a bit more, check out His Secret Obsession by James Bauer - we definitely think reading over its pages would be particularly beneficial for any relationships that are just beginning with much potential ahead of them.

Whatever course of action you decide on for yourself when dating someone new, remember that safety always comes first. With that said though, take it as a learning experience, and may your love endure above all else!

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