How to Make Money with Blog: The 10 Proven Ways (Updated 2024)

A list of ideas that can really make money with a blog.
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February 22, 2024
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Don't know how to make money with a blog? Who says bloggers can't make money? Research from March 2020 shows that most average new bloggers managed to get a minimum amount of $1,376 from a blog.

This statement alone proves that bloggers can actually make money. So then, you might ask, how to make money with a blog?

Well, there are many ways. In this post, we want to share some ideas for you to earn money from blogs. Hopefully, you can also get and maybe more than the amount above.


  • Google AdSense
  • MGID Advertisement
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Involve Asia Affiliate Program
  • Offer paid services
  • Rent advertising space
  • Sell eBooks
  • Give away a free eBook
  • Create a Dropship

To do all this, you need to have a blog or website first.

If you haven't, you can refer to this post:

How to create your own blog.

Let’s take a look at a list of ideas you can use.

1. Google AdSense

For a new blogger, we highly suggest you join Google AdSense first from other ad partners. This is because when you get to join the program, other ad networks will be much easier to join after.

In the long run, try your best (writing great articles) to get approval for the Google AdSense program. This ad program is very helpful for your blog website.

It can stabilize your monthly income. So, how can Google AdSense give us money? Once your Google AdSense application is approved, you can place ads like this in the blog:

AdSense in-article ads example screenshot

(This is an example of AdSense ads)

Each time a visitor clicks on the ad, we will get a small share/commission. (Regardless of intentional or unintentional click).

The revenue you can generate from Google AdSense is also directly proportional to your total traffic. The more traffic that goes to your blog, the greater the gain.

You can get about:

$2 - $4 for every 1000 views.

(Rough estimate based on our records).

It also depends on your niche and Google AdSense ad settings. If your blog page views are 3000 a day, it is equivalent to a minimum amount of $6.

So, it would be $180 per month (estimated, if consistent). And if you are diligent, it is impossible for your blog page view not to increase.

Likewise with your AdSense earnings.

How to Apply Google AdSense?

First of all, you have to complete your website/blog.

Pages like the following are required:

  • Contact us page
  • Privacy Policy
  • About us
  • Disclaimer

(You can use this privacy policy generator).

Then work on your blog, and make a post. Best of all, make sure there is about 10-15 quality content in the blog.

If your blog is new, try to wait for 2-3 months first before applying. Even better, before applying Google AdSense, your site should already have some traffic.

For the measurement, over 100 pageviews/sessions per day are okay. Make sure there are NO blank pages or posts in your blog.

When everything is ready, you can go to the following link to try to apply:

2. MGID Advertisement

The concept of MGID Advertisement is also the same as Google AdSense. And it can be used in conjunction with AdSense.

MGID will often contact any site with high daily traffic (over 3K views per day) and offer its package. You can also apply for their program on the MGID website:

MGID ads look like this:

MGID ads example

(This is an example of MGID ads)

Revenue from MGID is a little lower than AdSense.

It’s about $0.5 - $1 for a site that has 5K views per day.

Let's make a little extra income.

But this may be due to the location of the MGID ad placement.

Some bloggers put it near the bottom because they don't want to disturb AdSense and also so that readers are not disturbed.

If you want to apply for MGID, don’t do it simultaneously with AdSense.

Pick only one first.

For example, apply AdSense first.

When you are approved, then add MGID.

3. Join Amazon Affiliate

The three main reasons to join for Affiliate Program with Amazon:

  • Big commissions
  • Fast payment
  • Lots of choice of items

Here's what Amazon affiliation looks like in a blog:

Amazon affiliate example

(This is an example of Amazon Affiliate links in a blog)

When you sign up with Amazon, you will be given a unique link to use for creating sales. It is also given to keep track of your customer's preferences and make sure that you send the right products to the right people.

Amazon provides all the tools you need to make the process easy and hassle-free. But do you know — how you will actually sell things using Amazon? Here are the basic steps:

Sign up with Amazon as an affiliate. This step will enable you to market and sell your own products or the products of other third parties. This can help you learn about what works in getting customers to buy from you and what doesn't. It will also give you an idea of what works best as a marketing approach and which specific tricks work better than others. You will be able to see which particular type of site or page converts the best. All this will put you on the road to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

After you have signed up as an affiliate, you will be sent an identification link. Copy this link and paste it into your web page to keep your customer's information separate from yours. Remember to include only the Amazon affiliation identification link in your email messages. Make sure that you are not sending out information that could be considered spam by Amazon.

Send targeted messages regarding your chosen products and your Amazon affiliation link to your customers. You may use an autoresponder to keep in contact with your customers as well. When a visitor clicks on the link that comes from Amazon, their browsing information will be captured (Of course, the privacy matters are protected). Make sure that you are following through with this step, too.

On some sites, there is a button that is used for embedding codes. Use this button for all of your links. Amazon will use this to keep track of which site your customers have come to via Amazon. Be sure to check your code every time you make a change. If there was an issue, it could cause problems for the sale of your product.

Once you have the page set up, start promoting your Amazon site. You can do this manually by inserting your Amazon links into several article posts. You can also use forums to build your link base. Posting comments at forums with relevant topics on your promoted Amazon-product-related article is another great method to generate traffic and sales to your site.

One way to promote your Amazon products is by writing reviews for the products you are promoting. Reviewing the product or more than one product in an article will show how useful and helpful the product is and why it would be a good fit for them, your visitors (i.e., your buyers). Make sure that you provide honest and clear reviews of the product you are trying to promote, so your article readers will trust and buy from you more.

The next step in promoting your Amazon Affiliate Program is submitting your Amazon link to as many directories as possible. Ensure that you place your Amazon link in the resource box of relevant pages or blog posts that you write and in the email you send to your blog readers. When you have your website live, you can then submit your link to other places as well, such as your blog's social media. This will help you to get more exposure to your Amazon products.

You want to make sure that your website is as professional as possible and be informative. If you want to be successful in promoting Amazon-affiliated products, don't be too spammy on your articles. Put the affiliate link when the place is right and not too close to other's links.

Your Amazon-affiliated products review should be easy to read and navigate and have all of the necessary information listed for your readers. For example:

  • The title of the product
  • Product's description
  • Price of the product
  • Any coupons for the product (if available)
  • Direct link (your Amazon Affiliate link) to the product page for them to buy as quickly as possible.

If you take all of these steps, you should find that your making money experience on the Amazon Affiliate Program is very easy and enjoyable!

4. Involve Asia

If your blog is focused on the Asia region, then Involve Asia is great for you. It is a marketing company that provides numerous affiliate programs from various companies.

Involve Asia is a middleman for you and the company you want to affiliate with.

Use this link to register with Involve Asia: List of Involve Asia.

The registration process takes between 1 to 3 days.

You will be given an email notification if your registration is approved.

How to make money with Involve Asia?

In Involve Asia, there are various affiliate programs available.

You can choose any program that suits your blog.

The commissions offered also vary.

For example: (for a travel blog)

The programs you can join are as follows:

Screenshot of Involve Asia's Advertiser Directory page
Involve Asia

As you can see, they have many options for you to choose from.

5. Offer paid services

If you noticed, some bloggers have put a paid service in their blog's widget section.

If you are confident in your expertise and abilities, open a paid service.

What service do you want to open?

The key here is, make sure the service you want to do is:

To solve problems.

Ask yourself.

For your blog niche, what are the problems you often face?

For example, InfoMasta's niche is 'Guides & tips for blogging.'

Target readers are those who are interested in starting a blog.

The problem that beginners often face is setting up a blog properly, buying a domain, hosting, and so on.

To solve the problem, we offer 'Services for blogs.'

This makes it easier for new bloggers, so they don't have to set up their blog by themselves as we offer the service to set up it ourselves.

This is a little bit as much to help add revenue to your blog.

6.  Sponsored content

Sponsorship content is somewhat the equivalent of "publicity" in the print media: an advertisement disguised as an article (this is also why it must be clearly stated, legally). But, again, the brand wants some space on your blog or social media account. We are therefore paid to write content that is not completely free.

Depending on the contracts, the constraints can be more or less heavy. Still, there is work to be done in all cases, and we are not there to speak ill of the person who pays (even if we do not have to 'say good things about it).

Here's what sponsored content looks like in a blog:

Sponsored content example 1
Sponsored content example 2

(These are the two examples of sponsored contents in the blogs)

Brands or advertisers use sponsored content for two reasons:

  • As with any advertisement, be seen by potential customers, but more convincingly and effectively via the "pen" of an influencer: blog post, YouTube video, Instagram photo, Tweet, product placement... anything can be sponsored to be seen.
  • Gain inbound links to boost their SEO (in this case, they ask for "do follow" links, and it is very frowned upon by Google, but it is not illegal).

*If you don't understand these barbaric SEO terms, we invite you to see our SEO lexicon ;).

7.  Rent advertising space

When your blog is thriving, traffic per day has reached thousands, and there will definitely be people who will contact you.

Especially parties related to your niche.

But you don't have to wait for them to approach you.

You can try looking for them.

First, decide which sections you want to rent for advertising.

Often the popular section is on the header, widget section, and the top column before the post.

Then, determine the conditions such as the fee, how long to display it on your site, what information is needed, and so on.

Here's what your rent to advertise space may look like in your blog:

Rent advertising space example

(This is an example of rent advertising space in a blog)

Don't forget to also prepare a performance report for your blog.

Usually, in the report, the main content is the amount of traffic or visits to your blog.

To determine the fee, we usually use the following formula:

  • Monthly rental price for ads space = Total daily traffic (views) / 10

For example, the number of daily views of your blog is 3,000.

The price of advertising space is 3000/10 = $300 per month.

You do not have to follow this formula.

If your advertising space is a hit, of course, you can raise the price a little.

Next, how to find people who are interested in your advertising space?

To answer this question, you have to answer the following questions:

What services can be associated with your blog niche?

For example, for a travel blog.

What services can be associated with a travel blog?

→ Travel agents, hotels, homestays, restaurants, buses, taxis, etc.…

When you get this list, you can open Google and type in the services.

Alternatively, you can also use Google Maps.

See what companies are coming up.

The next step, find out how to contact them.

Usually via email and their contact page.

If you want to be more aggressive, you can use WhatsApp or call them directly.

Next, send an email to each of those companies.

Include your offer as well as your website performance report.

There are possibilities that in many companies, there will be some who are interested in your offer.

8.  Sell eBooks

We think that everyone already knows this part.

The concept is the same as a paid service.

You need to create an eBook that can help solve the problems that most people face.

Even though it’s classic, this method is still effective.

Here's what selling eBooks may look like in your blog:

Sell eBooks in a blog example

(This is an example of an eBooks ad in a blog)

The advantage of this method is that it is difficult only once (when you start writing the eBook).

Then after done writing an eBook, you will promote it and just sit there waiting for money come to you.

It just takes a little effort in terms of marketing.

You can market near Facebook Marketplace and eCommerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and so on.

9. Give away a free eBook

How to make money if you give it for free?

Did you know? Most successful bloggers often use this tactic.

Of course, you will not make money from the eBook.

But, you will make money after they use the eBook.

Here's what giving away free eBooks may look like in your blog:

Screenshot of a free eBook giveaway on a sidebar of a website

(This is an example of a free eBooks giveaway in a blog)

There are several reasons why we want to give away free eBooks.

Among them are:

  • To get followers
  • For sales after-service
  • To get more traffic
  • For an affiliate link

Not everyone wants to buy an eBook for sale.

But almost everyone wants a free eBook. Who doesn't want free stuff?

Not to mention when it comes to their interests in the topic of your eBooks.

So, how exactly can we make money from free eBooks?

Let's look at the first point first:

  • To get followers

Have you ever met a blogger who gives away free eBooks, but you have to leave your email first in able to get the eBooks?

Their goal is to get you to be their followers or their email lists.

This email list is like their regular readers.

Every time they publish a new post in their blog, a notification will reach your email.

If it captures your attention, you will open and read the email.

This will increase the amount of traffic to their blog.

When the number of traffic increases indirectly, other revenue such as Google Adsense and affiliates also increase.

  • For sales after-service

For this method, you can insert your premium service inside the free eBook.

For example, we provide a free eBook with a complete guide on how to create your own website.

The eBook is complete and very helpful for beginners.

With the eBook, beginners are able to create their own blog successfully.

But to create your own website, there will be a challenge ahead.

For example:

  • the logo is not centered, the color is not appropriate, the heading is too large, the blog crashes and cannot be accessed, and various other technical problems

This is where we can introduce the premium / paid service.

Besides, free eBooks can also increase your site traffic.

You just need to include the URL of your blog in any section.

Readers will definitely come to visit your blog.

10. Create a dropship

You must have heard of the 'dropship,' right? Dropship is a business model without the need to keep stock. In other words, you are the middleman.

You know who the supplier is, and you know who the buyer is. So, why not combine blogs and dropship together, right?

Select the products from the supplier you want, raise the price a little, and then sell them to your blog's visitors.

(The small price that you add is for you, the original that you don't add is mostly for suppliers. So it would help if you considered how much you want to make per one item in the early stage.)

We recommend you create a section on your website specifically for those dropship items.

If you want to make your sale a bestseller, there are two factors:

  • This item is unique
  • Prices can compete with other sellers in the country that you want to market with

How can you meet the following two factors?

The answer is:

Make dropship of goods from China.

Screenshot of AliExpress homepage

If you are willing to make a small investment, some plugins make the dropshipping process automatic.

Namely: AliDropship plugin

With this plugin, you can directly select the items you want to display in your blog. Raise the price a little and start selling it on your blog.

AliExpress handles all matters such as shipping and so on. But this plugin is not free. On the contrary, it costs about $89. Looks a bit expensive.

But if you do it right, the potential is enormous, well worth the price offered. In conclusion, you don't have to do everything on this list.

You can try one at a time and see which one works for you. Then focus on the ways that bring about that result.

Share if it's useful to you!

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