10 Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2024

What are the best paid WordPress themes around and great value for your blog? Let’s see…
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February 24, 2024
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Best Premium WordPress Themes
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Now, you might ask us which are the best premium WordPress themes worth paying for? The huge choice available can confuse even the most experienced!

For this reason, today, we will see the best premium WordPress themes that stand out for quality compared to all the others.

One of the first things you need to think about when starting a website, whether it's a personal blog or a business eCommerce, is how your site will look.

As we described in our guide on creating a successful blog, it is essential to have a functional and fast website from the winning designs.

Furthermore, a good WordPress theme must be responsive for mobile and guarantee loading times always under 3 seconds.

According to some Google analysis, over 50% of users leave any site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Remember this when choosing a WordPress theme!

Finally, the chosen WordPress theme must remain constantly updated as the versions of WordPress advance.

In today's article, we will understand how professional WordPress themes will best suit your specific needs. (And we'll look at some of the best free WordPress themes as well).

All the themes listed are proven quality, already tested by thousands of users, and easily customizable. Furthermore, we tried to choose WordPress themes that also had "Demos" that could be installed right away.

In this way, we will not have to start from scratch, but we will begin from ready-made websites most of the time, which we will only have to customize with our content.

Remember: if you are not very familiar with creating websites, starting from a self-installing Demo (and in the WordPress themes we have chosen, it is always present) is a solution that can save us tens of hours of work!

But no more chatter, and let's see the best premium WordPress themes in the world today!

1. TheGem

Screenshot of TheGem WordPress theme

TheGem is a rather popular theme in the ThemeForest platform, developed by a dedicated team of programmers and designers who provide a solid and reliable framework in web project development.

A point in favor of this theme is the immense variety of templates available. Over 400 themes, which make it truly multi-purpose, i.e., suitable for any purpose.

Some demos are absolutely wonderful.

It is particularly well suited to professional portfolios and personal or corporate blogging websites, with dozens of dedicated layout layouts for these needs that can easily customize via WPBakery Page Builder.

We like the fact that the team developed it to make it adaptable to the Elementor page builder.

TheGem is multifunctional, presenting WordPress themes for companies, gyms, spas, or online stores integrated by the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin with a visual style that can match the site very well.

TheGem. It also includes many more template pages than average, making sure you always find what you need to make your content stand out.

Not very focused on performance: as good as it is, the theme package is a little heavier than average and slightly slower than others.

With TheGem, optimization for mobile devices is maximized, thanks to TheGem’s solid Bootstrap roots, providing solid cross-compatibility across all browsers and devices.

In short, many (over 400!) Professional WordPress templates ready for use. A theme that can truly have its say.

2. Porto

Screenshot of Porto WordPress theme

If we're looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme that has a strong focus on building e-commerce stores, then Porto might be the perfect fit.

Thanks to the growing library (over 100 demos present), Porto is one of the themes that offer the largest offer of ready-to-use e-commerce templates.

Porto's ready-made demonstration websites cover a wide range of project types. However, I built many of them to create a professional business website via WordPress. Also, if you are making an online store, the amount of e-commerce demos integrated with WooCommerce is large.

We note that you are not limited by demos, which remain a starting point. Thanks to the customization tools, options, and settings of this WordPress e-commerce theme, there is maximum freedom of action in the changes.

The main reasons why we consider Porto one of the best e-commerce templates are several. Wide choice of ready-to-use templates, mega menus with customizable background images, multiple contents, and easy-to-manage sidebar layout configurations, Bootstrap framework, good optimization for mobile and retina displays.

Understanding the popular Visual Composer page builder plugin is also a good plus. In any case, it is completely compatible with Elementor, which guarantees us further ease of customization.

The WordPress themes useful for creating e-commerce are numerous. Still, if we like one of the ready-made WordPress templates, this is undoubtedly a solid choice, with over 50 thousand websites that already use it.

We find it specializes in creating e-commerce, so it's a theme that we recommend for anyone who needs to create an online store or sell something on the website.

The license price is valid for one site, and the support lasts for six months (after that, it becomes paid).

3. Enfold

Enfold WordPress theme

Enfold is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the ThemeForest marketplace. It is a responsive and AMP-ready multipurpose WordPress theme focusing on ease of use and design quality.

Enfold is another multipurpose theme capable of adapting to many different needs. It is another milestone of the web, born in 2013 and always updated and held at the top of the preferences of WordPress Premium themes.

Of course, we find over 200 demos to choose from. The possibilities range from a blog for photographers to advanced e-commerce, so there is only the embarrassment of choice in this case.

Enfold comes with a powerful built-in panel for creating your own layouts. However, beware that it is not designed to be compatible with Elementor, so we will necessarily have to use its page builder.

Extensive documentation is available for the theme. Each feature of the Enfold theme is described with step-by-step instructions. This attention to detail makes it very easy for users to set up their websites quickly.

It works smoothly with many premium plugins and features—good flexibility on different devices and good Google and SEO performances.

Enfold can fit into portfolios, blogs, or gallery elements. In addition, it can create stores if you are building a business page with WooCommerce support.

Simplicity is real and guaranteed; however, customization possibilities are not as wide as for other themes on the list. Furthermore, two technicians essentially carry out the support, so it sometimes takes a little longer to receive an answer.

WE find it a user-friendly WordPress theme and suitable for those looking for something "ready," which they practically do not want to put their hand to. In any case, an excellent theme, that deserves the fame (and the thousands of sales) it has earned.

The license is valid for one website. The support lasts six months.

4. Soledad

Screenshot of Soledad WordPress theme

Soledad is the blog WordPress theme that we like the most and is one of the most popular. Perfectly suited from a simple personal blog to a tech news site.

The response from those who bought this theme is actually positive. The quality design will impress both veterans and novice users. A large selection of notable features justifies this undeniable popularity.

The theme layout is responsive to high-resolution Retina devices and most web browsers. It is AMP-ready.

The theme is mostly to create blogs: we find 250 demos and over 6000 home pages ready!

It's a theme that supports Elementor, ensuring easy page customization where needed.

Soledad has 5 article layouts, three sidebar layouts, and six portfolio variations. All users will also have access to a huge color palette and an amazing website gallery, as mentioned above.

The support also includes a training section. It is very informative and well-written. Thanks to the WordPress Live Customizer feature, you can also preview all changes before applying them.

For those looking for a minimal theme, rather simple to use, and designed to create blogs or magazines, it remains, in our opinion, the ideal solution.

The cost is one-time and includes six months of free support.

5. Avada

Screenshot of Avada WordPress theme

Avada is one of the most popular themes globally and the hottest theme ever of the ThemeForest marketplace.

With over half a million copies sold, it remains in the Olympus of Premium WordPress themes.

Avada is a Multipurpose WordPress theme, which is a theme designed to adapt to any need.

From personal blogs and online portfolios to agency or niche news websites, you can design all projects around this premium WordPress theme.

However, that doesn't mean your site won't be able to stand out from the crowd. For example, even if tens of thousands of sites use Avada, we will never find two sites that look the same.

This is because each can be customized via Fusion Builder, an efficient and relatively easy-to-use visual page builder. This page builder helps you get a unique layout in a couple of hours.

If dynamic elements are what you are looking for, Avada may be what you are looking for: it allows you to customize headers, footers, posts, and pages like very few others can.

Everything is focused on the best possible fit for any device. As a result, Avada is responsive and AMP-ready.

Good performances, which allow it to remain excellent in the sector, even if obviously the more structured and “complicated” our site will be, the longer the loading times will inevitably be.

Curiously, Avada despite being a historical theme (born in 2012) has not developed an excessive number of templates: today there are just over 70, which however guarantee the installation of the entire website.

Avada focuses on a few Demos (less than a hundred) done well. We don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. These 70 are demos complete with everything, hyper-tested, and capable of becoming pre-installed sites with a few clicks.

Avada is also a great choice for cases where we want to start selling products or services. Its design works perfectly with e-commerce plugins, such as WooCommerce.

The only demerit note, for which we "penalize" it slightly in the ranking, is the not excessive ease of use. But, of course, if you've already designed websites, using Avada will be another matter entirely.

Avada doesn't support Elementor, and it does things completely its own way. It is a very powerful theme that allows you to really do anything, but it is a theme in its own right, which requires patience and study.

Learning to use Avada, at least initially, will take some time. However, the advantage is that it will certainly make it possible to carry out projects of the highest level.

Bottom line, regardless of your type of online project, Avada is one of the more flexible options out there today. Customizable, responsive, and multipurpose, with support and a community among the top in the world.

Again, the cost is one-off and includes six months of free support.

6. Uncode

Screenshot of Uncode WordPress theme

Uncode is a multipurpose theme suitable for most users. The theme offers users a huge variety of website demos. These include classic layouts, portfolios, blogs, and e-commerce.

Uncode images are fully adaptive, so they automatically adjust to the size of the screen they are displayed on.

Users can edit their demos via the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. They can also access the handy drag-and-drop content editor. Uncode is compatible with most third-party plugins.

The extensive media library of themes makes it easier for users to embed any media into your WordPress site.

It also focuses on legibility and brand identity, with extensively customizable typography options and advanced color schemes.

Uncode is efficiently encoded to load fast and travel fast to servers, which means it will be particularly fast (as far as possible) on slow connections. In any case, excellent speed performance.

It is also very suitable for social media, allowing the virilization of content and maximization of exposure thanks to the easily integrated sharing toolbars.

Uncode is a premium WordPress theme that really suits many purposes. Agencies, freelancers, web designers, developers, businesses, services, startups, blogs, magazines, portfolios, photography, music, restaurants, or e-commerce.

The demos of this WordPress theme are over 70, allowing it to really adapt to many uses.

It is one of the most popular and purchased themes globally, guaranteeing a truly top-level staff and professionalism.

There is no free trial. The price is one-shot and includes updates forever. Support is limited to 6 months and can only be extended at a surcharge.

Without a doubt a great choice for many.

7. Astra

Screenshot of Astra WordPress theme

Now, we come to Astra, one of the most known and used WordPress themes globally.

Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme, which pushes a lot on the speed factor, guaranteeing very high performance and adaptability to any device.

It is an SEO-friendly theme, therefore designed to favor organic indexing. It also comes with all the design elements you need to create a great online store, blog, business, or portfolio for professionals.

Particularly suitable for beginners, Astra has over 1 million active installs and a 5/5 rating on WordPress.org. Truly impressive numbers.

Astra is compatible with all major page builders but is particularly suitable for integrating with Elementor, allowing you to realize any idea you have in mind truly.

Another point in favor is the Demo templates offered by Astra. There are hundreds of ready-made creations for online shops, portfolios, and blogs. We only note that the free version has very few, while to have the complete library, you will need to switch to the paid Agency version.

Some templates are truly wonderful and practically complete, so they are definitely worth the price of the Pro version. In short, Astra is a WordPress theme that allows you to work with a professional tool both for free and through a paid version.

It will be great to make small projects focused on the "substance" and the site's loading speed as a free WordPress theme. The Premium version includes additional functions and excellent Templates to avoid building the site "from scratch."

The cost starts at $59 per year or $249 for a lifetime license and support. Ah, buying Astra allows you to install it on an infinite number of websites.

8. BeTheme

Screenshot of BeTheme WordPress theme

BeTheme is the WordPress theme we love the most of the whole ThemeForest marketplace.

Let's start with the templates.

We find over 500 demos, but take a look at the first ones to understand the incredible quality that has been placed in each creation.

On the other hand, we are talking about one of the first themes born for WordPress, in the "distant" 2014, which is literally a geological age for the digital age.

Over the years, it has accumulated a series of professional WordPress templates that can truly adapt to any need.

We find templates already made for all tastes: animals and nature, art, cars and motorcycles, companies and organizations, design, templates for photographers, entertainment, fashion, finance, food and restaurants, health and beauty, architecture, magazines and writing, events, and gifts, people (professionals), sports and travel, technology… to name a few!

A note of merit concerning the demos is the subdivision between those made with Elementor and those made with others (WPBakery page builder in most cases).

Excellent performances that adapt well to any device (all the architecture is responsive). Also perfect as a WordPress theme for SEO, also given the decent speed of performance.

It is very useful because it allows us to opt for one type of architecture over another immediately.

We note that it is also one of the few themes truly compatible with all the major plugins needed for any purpose. In fact, it integrates with WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, WPML, Yoast SEO, and so on.

It also includes several e-commerce templates that can install right away.

We find that BeTheme offers demos that are easy to install and qualitatively among the best in terms of design and ease of use.

Extra tip: Some templates are very structured. Beautiful to look at, but they could cause some headaches when we want to modify them. We recommend installing only those made with Elementor because changes will be much easier and faster. (Unless there are particular blocks, the free version of Elementor will suffice!).

Without a doubt one of the best professional WordPress themes ever.

The price is one-time, and the support is six months from the date of purchase.

9. Thrive Themes

Screenshot of Thrive Themes WordPress theme
Thrive Themes

Let's move on to one of the most used WordPress themes in the world, as well as one of the most complete.

Thrive Theme is the solution for those looking for an incredibly fast and conversion-focused WordPress theme, whether it's a sale, a contact, access to a webinar, etc.

But let's go in order.

Thrive Theme is one of the "big names" in the world of the best WordPress themes (to be honest, these top 5 positions are all made up of excellence).

Thrive Themes offers additional WordPress plugins, themes, and resources to help you build an effective website. In addition, their products aim to help you get the highest possible conversion rates from your website, regardless of your goals.

However, it is worth noting that you can also choose just one of the services (such as themes for WordPress) by paying a certain amount per year or having all the services by joining the monthly membership. Therefore, we will talk about WordPress themes.

Although Thrive Themes WordPress themes cover a wide range of project types, they are pretty much all about increasing your website's conversion rates. Therefore, if you create a site with a particular goal in mind, these themes might be perfect, even to completely replace landing pages.

We note that the proposed templates are not many, but all take advantage of the solid and fast architecture of Thrive Themes.

They all include the ability to create custom conversion elements, such as opt-ins and calls to action, which can be incorporated into your content. Ideal for landing pages.

They are also fully responsive and take advantage of automatic image compression with a soft code focus for best-in-class website speed.

As we can see from the Demos, all the themes are similar to landing pages (almost all offer the mail collection on the home page) and integrate perfectly with the pop-ups of the Thrive Theme itself.

Thrive Themes themes are all excellent products. However, you get the most out of Thrive Themes by taking advantage of membership, which grants you access to everything, including themes, lead generation tools, and plugins such as advanced comments, user quizzes, countdowns...

Let's talk about an easy-to-use WordPress theme generator to make us create a site on par with advanced projects. It also guarantees the best technical support for response speed.

To be evaluated, however, if it falls within our budget. For example, the package to access all the features costs $228 for the whole year and gives access to unlimited licenses.

10. Jevelin

Screenshot of Jevelin WordPress theme

Jevelin is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes of recent times. It is a multipurpose premium WordPress theme with deep customization possibilities and an intuitive page creation process suitable even for the less experienced.

The theme includes demos for personal, business, blog, or e-commerce websites.

The common denominator used by this theme is simplicity and cleanliness. Therefore, all themes are “minimal” with a truly elegant stylized design.

Chock full of pre-built layouts, Demo Demos, and functional and articulate webpage templates, Jevelin has everything you need to bring any project online.

Even bloggers can find in Jevelin an elegant space where they can effortlessly spread their opinions and spread the word about their thoughts, videos, or content. Also, it’s very good as a WordPress photography theme, and the demo is very elegant.

We find numerous tuning possibilities available through advanced administration tools and page creation settings.

With six different blog layouts, multiple custom post styles, and sophisticated features like dynamic interfaces and categories, content carousels, and Slider Revolution-based sliders, Jevelin can be just right for many needs.

We notice only two things. First, it's not a theme built to fit Elementor (we'll have to use the default page builder, WP Bakery), and performance is sacrificed a bit in the name of design.

The price is one-time and guarantees updates for life, but the support is only for the first six months. In addition, one license is valid for one website only.

Defining the "best WordPress theme" is almost impossible because of the simple fact that each one has features and functionalities that meet different needs.

However, we truly hope we have given you some insight into choosing the next WordPress theme. We can assure you that starting from these, you will certainly be able to realize your web project, whether amateur or professional.

In all cases, these are products of proven quality.

As always, if you find this helpful, feel free to share our article on your social media down below.

See you soon!

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