17 Best WordPress Themes for a Personal Blog in 2024

All the themes provided in this list are of course suitable for mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets.
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February 24, 2024
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Best WordPress Themes for Personal Blog
Webly / gljivec
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We have gathered some of the best WordPress themes for you to start a blog in 2023! WordPress is the most recommended blogging platform for bloggers because of its flexibility and powerful features.

WordPress sites are easily customizable and offer all the flexibility required to build all types of blogs online. To choose your ideal WordPress theme, base your criteria on the visual style of the template as well as on the features offered with it.

This year, more and more theme developers keep in mind that loading speed plays a key role in the user experience and the positioning of sites in search engines. Especially for a blog! It takes a minimum of loading speed; otherwise, you lose your blog visitors!

Also, all the themes presented in this list are suitable for mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Not negotiable in 2023… A blog written on a website that you have to zoom in with your fingers is more than discouraging!

Even though there are WordPress themes available online for free, using a premium WordPress theme for your blog will be your best investment. You have no idea how much time and frustration can be avoided by purchasing a professional theme. Have a good exploration!

1. Kalium

Screenshot of Kalium WordPress Theme

Kalium is one of the most stylish themes we have found so far on a premium theme shopping site. Their demos are amazing, the portfolios are breathtaking, and their personal blogging examples are all just noteworthy!

2. The Voux

Screenshot of The Voux WordPress theme
The Voux

The Voux is a highly responsive, retina-ready, and crisp blog theme for WordPress. All pages are fully customizable through the Visual Composer.

It is possible to generate user-friendly headers, mega menus using tags, subcategories, and/or categories as the source. For example, place the "Home" header in the center or on the left edge of the page and add an "In news detail" page header.

Navigating news articles on the page is convenient: the next article loads as users scroll down the page. The link or URL in the browser also updates as you scroll to the page or article being viewed.

This functionality is possible thanks to infinite scrolling. Besides news articles, the theme also features stylish full-screen galleries.

The Voux also integrates social networking plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest, a first for ThemeForest. The shared data is stored in WordPress and is visible even in the background.

The retention period of the data cache and the option of social networks to use can be changed through the theme options.

Finally, the theme can be viewed on all devices while maintaining quality without omitting any original design elements.

3. MagPlus

Screenshot of MagPlus WordPress theme

MagPlus is ideal for an online magazine-type blog.

Indeed, if you plan to create a website for recipes, fashion, travel, sports, or write articles for any other type of subject, above all, do not limit your imagination to the image that we present to you of the theme.

Instead, watch the 40 demos offered with the theme to understand all the possibilities!

4. Uncode

Screenshot of Uncode WordPress theme

Hundreds of blogs are created every second. In the face of such fierce competition, you need a theme that can give you an edge. Uncode is a WordPress theme capable of improving every element of your blog. With its large number of useful features and a fully responsive layout, this product can dramatically increase your view count. Uncode can present your content on any device, regardless of its screen size. In addition, it also offers cross-browser compatibility.

Users can design their own layout through an unlimited range of possibilities. The process relies on drag-and-drop technology, so it's user-friendly. You don't need to be a coder to create a nice layout. Uncode is optimized for search engines and is quick to load. Essentially, this theme takes care of the tedious aspects of owning a blog so that you can focus on the essentials: writing. In addition, users can present beautiful media galleries and crisp CSS3 animations.

It is also possible to modify the typography of the post thanks to the implementation of Typekit, Google Fonts, Fontdeck, and Font Squirrel. Finally, for those who would like to try Uncode, an instant preview has been added.

5. Divi by Elegant Themes

Screenshot of Divi by Elegant Themes WordPress theme
Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi is a visually stunning and technologically innovative multipurpose and multi-faceted WordPress website theme. The visuals of it are harmonious and structured, modern.

Also, it is social media-friendly and retina-ready, easily customizable and intuitively navigable, crisp and readable, streamlined, and responsive.

Moreover, Divi is a particularly flexible and malleable WordPress theme, specially developed to meet the development needs of websites for small businesses, also adapting very well to a personal blog.

Not to mention its famous Divi Builder tools.

6. Journo

Screenshot of Journo WordPress theme

Your words in your articles become super powerful with the Journo theme from Qode Interactive. This theme is perfect for a personal blog, a business blog, or a shopping site. This includes many customization options, premium plugins, and several different GUIs—endless possibilities in one theme.

Key features:

  • A dozen blog layouts and sliders
  • a newsletter subscription pop-up
  • banners, social media integration
  • WPML compatibility
  • WooCommerce
  • SVG icons

Ideal for: Creative blogs, magazines, online publications, writers, and journalists.

7. inFashion

Screenshot of inFashion WordPress theme

InFashion is a nifty WordPress blog theme that can help your web page outperform its competition. This theme applies the age-old principle of attention to detail in fashion.

It's obvious: the developers worked hard and spent countless hours studying the principles of fashion. InFashion really looks like a professional site.

It is the right option for your online portal. However, its use is not limited to a single niche. For example, it can be easily implemented on intimate or travel blogs.

A demonstration has been made available on the site so that customers can taste the content directly.

The theme is fully responsive for all devices and can be exposed to all types of devices. This brings more possibilities and flexibility for your readers.

You can never accuse inFashion of lacking in functionality.

It incorporates lots of:

  • typography variations
  • unlimited colors
  • Instagram feeds
  • custom widgets
  • WordPress support
  • shortcodes
  • contact forms
  • versatile theme options powered by ReduxFramework

The options panel contains a multitude of different settings to create a masterpiece. InFashion is compatible with all browsers to add flexibility to your site.

It offers several variations of typography thanks to more than 500 Google fonts. You can even preview the design of a particular font by going to the theme options.

The drop-down menu is useful, non-intrusive, and convenient.

8. The Fox

Screenshot of The Fox WordPress theme
The Fox

The Fox is a responsive, fully customizable, and intelligently designed WordPress magazine blog theme, clear and bright, very well structured and easily navigable, modern and trendy, attractive and alluring, enthralling and unique, technologically consistent and graphically perfect, creative and innovative.

This theme has been designed remarkably with the utmost attention to detail to make websites simpler and smoother with gorgeous results every time.

The Fox is perfect for magazine blogs with a lot of visual content and targets a large audience.

Indeed, it is equipped with many very pretty layouts, and magnificent Masonry style compositions as well as sidebars on the left or right, four footer sidebars, a highlighted area to show your most content — newer or better and a featured pinned post to greet your visitors and explain what makes you so special.

Over 100 options have been built into the WordPress Live Customizer so that every section of your website looks and feels exactly as you want, with a streamlined toggle interface for almost everything available.

You can even press a button and have a beautiful two-column post-text arrangement like newspapers! The Fox is cunning as a fox when showing your work to your readers for their viewing pleasure. Try The Fox now!

9. Gillion

Screenshot of Gillion WordPress theme

Gillion is a multi-concept blog that's very special in its simplicity and elegance. Indeed, unlike other themes, this is not a builder to create dozens and dozens of different types of websites. Except for what Gillion does, it does wonders!

This is a great personal blog template that can also be used as an online magazine. The demos show you all the possible modifications that you can make with the content blocks. And finally, the template also includes Visual Composer and Mailchimp for WordPress.

10. Zarja

Screenshot of Zarja WordPress theme

Zarja meets the requirements of modern blogs dealing with many areas, regardless of the webmaster's previous programming experience:

  • It is unique
  • Carefully and painstakingly developed WordPress blog theme
  • Versatile and responsive,
  • Wonderfully intuitive and very easy to use,
  • Technologically proficient
  • Rich with advanced features
  • Graphically subtle and understated
  • Lightning-fast
  • Very efficiently coded theme, so there's no theme issue
  • Lightweight and very flexible
  • Modern and attractive
  • Fluidly animated and very warm

The creator of this theme is particularly talented at bringing a soft and feminine touch to blogs and websites in general.

Zarja has full functionality to handle all kinds of posts and an intuitive toggle-based content block page builder system that will take just a few minutes to master. This system can create entire websites to your exact specifications in the blink of an eye using sophisticated theme options to achieve the perfect look and feel.

Extensive shortcodes and widgets are easily accessible to be activated as elements composed of blocks, with social media features such as a configurable and personalized Instagram block.

Try Zarja today and tell the world everything on your mind in the most elegant presentation!

11. Webly

Screenshot of Webly WordPress theme
Webly / gljivec

Webly is a responsive, vibrant, and colorful WordPress blog theme, aesthetically young and fresh, crisp and well-structured, modern and visually bright, easy to use and very user-friendly, technologically clear, and professionally graphic designed. In addition,

Webly is a thoughtful and focused theme designed exclusively to meet and exceed the expectations of all bloggers, professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

To that end, Webly offers a rigorous selection of useful and practical tools for all kinds of websites and blogs.

Among these: 5 post templates including Standard, Video, Link, Gallery, and Audio, beautiful and smooth CSS3 animation and transition effects, customizable logos and typography with Google Web Fonts, and search engine optimization extensive so that your blog content is judiciously indexed and your rankings soar in no time for all relevant keywords.

Along with different homepage and blog layout options - currently, four and more to come - and a clean design optimized for readability so users can focus on what really matters: your content. Express yourself to the world with Webly!

12. Writing

Screenshot of Writing WordPress theme

Writing is fully retina-ready and adaptive to allow your readers to access all posts from their tablets and smartphones. In addition, this product is compatible with all major browsers.

Finally, writing will never be overlooked by search engines since it is SEO-ready. This increases your chances of success by maximizing your site's exposure.

Social sharing buttons have been implemented, 24 social sharing icons, some Facebook Open Graph Tags, and various social icon widgets.

With this theme, the user can choose a blog style to suit their tastes. For example, writing has a variation of Masonry, Grid, Classic, or List blog.

The theme is WPML compatible with translation in all languages. RTL support has also been added for languages ​​such as Hebrew, Japanese, or Arabic.

Minimalist yet powerful, this is a WordPress theme that never fails to impress. Customers can easily customize the aesthetic presentation of their page with the unlimited range of color choices available.

Writing is very easy to use; no extensive knowledge is required for the installation or customization process. The overall design is sober, and pragmatic and focuses the reader's attention on the essential: the content.

Bloggers will be able to enjoy an online experience like no other.

13. Tulip

Screenshot of Tulip WordPress theme

Tulip is a responsive and wonderfully innovative WordPress blog theme, crisp and refreshing, exciting, dynamic and easily customizable, easily navigable and user-friendly, minimalist and understated, uniform and modern.

Tulip has been developed with the utmost attention to detail to ensure a high-quality product enabling webmasters of all backgrounds or skill levels to easily and quickly generate - in minutes - tasteful, stylish, and refined blogs.

Tulip achieves this by deploying a comprehensive set of beautiful blog layouts and post formats, all in harmony with various styles and niches, further deepened by limitless visual customization options, including endless color selection, crisp typography options, and a sophisticated personalized pinned post slider.

With this, the whole world can see your finest designs instantly on your website. Tulip is perfect for bloggers who deal with many image content as it has great tools for sharing high-resolution images, galleries, and videos. Moreover, it integrates these elements gracefully. Tulip, thanks to whom the grass is always greener!

14. Himmelen

Screenshot of Himmelen WordPress theme

Himmelen is one of the best blog themes for WordPress websites. It is simple and elegant, with the ability to enhance your page and complement your content. You will be able to relate to your experiences or tell amazing stories easily.

Himmelen offers an unlimited number of blog styles and variations for the layout:

  • Five blog listing layouts
  • multiple header styles
  • Two featured post slider layouts

As the user's gaze will be focused on your writing, this theme has implemented many typography options. It offers more than 650 Google fonts for incomparable posts. Whatever your tastes or preferences, you can find a font to match your visual style. In terms of the customization for the visual of your blog, there is no shortage of choice. Himmelen has an unlimited range of color customization settings allowing you to display an attractive layout.

Users can easily import pre-designed blog pages with just one click. These can serve as a template for future customization, so you don't have to start from scratch. Overall, Himmelen is a blog theme for value quality, attention to detail, and professionalism. Its characteristics can be suitable for any user, regardless of their programming experience.

15. Jannah

Screenshot of Jannah WordPress theme

If you are looking for a theme that offers different visuals for different types of blogging, Jannah is a good one.

Indeed, the different styles of its demos demonstrate the versatility provided by this template. You will find everything you are looking for: personal blog, travel, or photography when it comes to features.

An unusual feature is adding sticky videos, that is to say, that can stay at the top of the web page when a user scrolls from top to bottom. Like on Facebook! The responsiveness is also well-integrated and makes browsing on the mobile platform pleasant.

16. Kleo

Screenshot of Kleo WordPress theme

In the category of complete WordPress themes, Kleo is positioned in the best of class!

Indeed, this theme offers so many features and possibilities that it has been uploaded over 16,000 times to ThemeForest and is rated 4.72 out of 5 stars by community members!

This can be used as a personal blog site, online store, community site, and much more!

17. Typology

Screenshot of Typology WordPress theme

Typology is a theme that focuses its efforts on bringing your content to the fore. Indeed, its minimalist design is refined and very elegant, thus putting your articles in the foreground.

Although in the first images of the demo, we do not see any pictures, the theme offers the possibility of integrating photographs in an equally elegant way. This is a website template that we recommend more to writers, journalists, or any other blog that is more focused on content writing.

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